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Doncaster East
Daycare & Kindergarten

84 Blackburn Road
Doncaster East VIC 3109

P: 9842 3900
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Open: 7am-6.30pm Monday-Friday
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Babies Room:

Babies Room

We cater for up to ten babies in our Babies Room. Children generally remain in this room until they are approximately two years old. Our team will try and help your baby to adhere to your “home routine” as much as possible – we know how important routine can be for many babies.

When babies are developmentally ready, we begin the transition process to our Toddler Room. Transition between these rooms is usually a very easy process – our Babies and Toddler Rooms are side by side and all staff in our under three-area work very closely together. Our older babies have a lot of opportunity to play in the Toddler Room before any permanent moves are made.

Toddler Room:

Toddler Room

Our Toddler Room can accommodate ten two year old children. Toddlers are introduced to a little more structure – they have “story time” and short “group times” and have access to a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities. Our team members may work with parents to get toilet training underway. As children in the Toddler Room mature, they commence the transition process into our Kinder Room.

Kinder Room:

Kinder Room

We operate a Department of Human Services approved Kindergarten Program – Our Kinder Teacher is tertiary qualified and has years of experience. The Kinder Room is bustling with activity on a daily basis. At any one time there are children involved in several different activities – our team provide plenty of choice for children at all times.

We pride ourselves on our efforts to ensure that children leaving us to attend Prep are “school ready”. For example, Kinder Room group times are gradually lengthened – one of the goals being to prepare children for sitting, listening and participating as they have to do once they commence school. We encourage children in their attempts to develop independence – an independent child will find the transition to school relatively easy and very exciting!

If our four and five year olds are developmentally ready, they will have many “basics” in place prior to commencing Prep.

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